Nordligdrom Calzoni

Nordligdrøm Calzoni - Male 27/7/07

Black Mackerel Tabby and White. NFO n 09 23

He was a surprise Birthday present for Mike, from Louise and their daughter. Calzoni now lives in Ealing, West London, with some little dogs for company.


Pedigree for Calzoni

In his new home in Ealing

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The early weeks

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Updated October 2011

Calzoni (which means 'stockings' in Italian) was renamed Leon, when he went to live with his new family. He was a very pretty kitten, with attractive markings and a super, easy going temperament.

He is still like that today and has become quite famous in his local neighbourhood by accompanying his owner on visits to the local coffee shop, at the end of their road!

Unfortunately, the pictures I have of him are all in his short summer coat, but I am reliably informed he is twice the size with a magnificent full coat in the cooler winter months.

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