Nordligdrom Baileys

Nordligdrøm Baileys - Male

Cream Mackerel Tabby. NFO e 23

Now called Archie by his owner, he is living in Caversham, Berks with several other feline friends. Lisa has done a fantastic job of enclosing her large, rural garden, making it a wonderful outside space and secure and safe for her cats


June 2016

It was lovely to hear from Archie's owner after a break of a few years. She reports he is still a softie, just a big ball of loving fluff that adores spending time in the garden and has a passion for food.
He likes to sleep against something, so in bed its the pillow and he takes up a lot of space with his big coat and doesn't leave much space for his owner!

To me, he looks so like his Mum Bob.


The early weeks

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November 2011

Adapted from an email sent by his owner in Nov 2011

Archie just loves being in the garden so me working from home suits him down to the ground! He’s not the brightest boy by far but that’s part of his appeal and a big part of his personality.

If I had to sum him up in a few words…stupid, adorable, soft, loving, trusting, funny and stunning! He’s massive, a big ball of soppy fluff and very use to cuddles!

He’s also very heavy and if you pick him up be prepared to carry him because he will just flop over your shoulder, and if you let go he’ll just fall to the floor, - he is a trusting lad but sometimes too trusting!

Buffy who is one of our NFC's is quite the opposite, very intelligent and gets Archie into all sorts of trouble, Buffy is always long gone but Archie gets caught doing lots he shouldn’t and he never learns!

He doesn’t like shouting so a quick sharp ‘Archie’ is enough and he knows and he’s off, I guess he’s pretty predictable too!

Only other thing is his sleeping, he doesn’t sit down and curl up and snooze like other cats, he flops against something, curls up and within minutes he’s on his back, legs in the air and passed out!
He doesn’t really do anything by half, and he’s not very graceful.

His ideal world is all day in the garden, back in for food when hungry 'cos he is still very fond of his food (and only thing that gets him in from the garden) and then up to my bed to pass out until it all starts again tomorrow!

One last thing - the snow….actually they didn’t seem too impressed with the depth of it this year as they couldn’t get to all their favourite places so I ended up digging out their normal routes round the garden!!!!
What we end up doing for our cats although it was for my sanity too as they were driving me mad tearing round the house!!

I do remember when it snowed Archie coming in with lots of little snow or ice balls attached to his underneath fur, not that it bothered him as he had no idea it was all going to melt once he came in but his coat is so thick it takes him a while to realise he’s soaked!

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