Nordligdrom Annakeega


Adult pictures of Annakeega

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Nordligdrøm Annakeega - Female

Black Mackerel Tabby and White. NFO n 09 23

Kitten pictures of Annakeega

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January 2012

Due to circumstances outside Sue and Lance's control, Annie was re-homed at the beginning of this year. She now has her paws securely planted with her new family, in Cambridgeshire where she lives with some other cats including another Norwegian Forest Cat.

In July 2012 she was seriously ill with an intestinal infection but has bounced back to good health and has been awarded a special veterinary merit for being so brave.

September 2011

'Annie', as Sue and Lance call her, lives in London with some other Norwegian Forest Cats. She is mother to many of their kittens and more details can be found on their website. NorskExtreme


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