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My Norwegian Forest Cats in the snow

A group of pictures taken over the last few years, when UK comes to a standstill, due to the falling snow. The cats initially loved it, then soon lost interest when they realised it was better to snuggle up next to a warm radiator, inside the house!

Star, Jan 2021 Tilly, Jan 2021 Tilly, Jan 2021 Tilly, Jan 2021 Sweetie, Jan 2021 Star, Jan 2021 Star, Jan 2021 Star, Jan 2021 Pawprints in the snow, Jan 2021 Sweetie Feb 2019 Sweetie Feb 2019 Tilly Feb 2019 Tilly Feb 2019 Deyley's Top Thrill Dragster (Hummie) Jan 2013 Nordligdrøm KitKat Jan 2013 Nordligdrøm Harmony Jan 2013 Deyley's Top Thrill Dragster (Hummie) Jan 2013 Deyley's Top Thrill Dragster (Hummie) Jan 2013 Hummie and daughter Harmony Jan 2013 Nordligdrøm Harmony and Vega Jan 2013 Nordligdrøm Vega Jan 2013 Snowgallery01 Snowgallery02 Snowgallery03 Snowgallery04 Snowgallery05 Snowgallery06 Snowgallery07 Snowgallery08 Snowgallery09 Snowgallery10 Snowgallery11 Snowgallery12 Snowgallery13 Snowgallery14 Snowgallery15 Snowgallery16 Snowgallery17 Snowgallery18 Snowgallery19 Snowgallery20 Snowgallery21 Snowgallery22 Snowgallery33 First glimpse of show - Sparkler, Rocket and Gunpowder, Jan 2010 Gunpowder, Jan 2009 Catherine and Sparkler, Jan 2010 Rocket and Catherine, Jan 2010 Gunpowder, Jan 2009 Rocket, Jan 2009

Marlow Regatta 2015 and the Gloriana

Marlow Regatta is an event which takes place in June, on the River Thames. This year the Queen's Barge - Gloriana - made a special appearance in Marlow as she made her way to Runnymede, to celebrate where the Magna Carta was sealed 800 years ago.

This amphibious car amazed everyone as it drove straight into the River Thames in Marlow, 13/6/15 We had a wonderful view of this fantastic red car as it passed by us on the terrace of the Complete Angler Hotel The car happily headed up the river to greet the Queen's Barge - Gloriana Preparing to pass under the bridge Gloriana passing under Marlow Bridge The magnificent Gloriana in front of All Saints Church Marlow The Gloriana as it makes it's way to Runnymede in celebration of the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta Marlow rowers and a Paralympic gold medalist were part of the rowing quad People gathered on the bridge to watch the 94 foot gilded craft glide by, commissioned for the Queen's Jubilee in 2012 Passing the weir in front of the Complete Angler Hotel, Marlow Awaiting passage through the lock The crowds wait by Marlow lock to watch it continue it's journey down the River Thames

Views of Marlow 2011

Views of my pretty home town of Marlow, situated on the River Thames and on the county borders of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

Complete Angler Hotel and weir from Marlow bridge. All Saints Church, Marlow, viewed from the Bisham side of the bridge River Thames, Marlow. All Saints Church and Marlow suspension bridge Marlow church and bridge from the High Street side The Causeway, Marlow. A frequent visitor to Marlow - The Red Kite Red Kites flying over our house

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Hattie The Cat - Nordligdrom Sparkler

Bob and Astrid's kittens 2011

Bob had her kittens on 5/4/11 and Astrid had hers a couple of weeks later on 18/4/11. All 9 kittens grew up together as one big family.

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