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Nordligdrom Cosima- AKA 'Cosi'. 27/7/2007 - 27/1/2022

We lost Cosi to cancer and she was 14 1/2 years old. She was born in my en suite bathroom and was the only female in a litter of lusty boys. She had to fight hard for a place on a teat as they would feed and sleep on them all the time when young.

She was the best climber we have ever had and was often found at the top of places we thought she could never reach.

She will be remembered for her love of kittens and would steal them from their mothers or tuck herself in with them and they would be washed them to perfection.

11th December 2019

Westrikatt Kess AKA Gateaux

Wednesday was a very sad day, as my beautiful left us. He passed peacefully at the vets.

All who knew him, will remember his fantastic manner and every cat or kitten we have ever had, held him in the highest esteem.

He was a 'Mummy's Boy' and had an indulged and happy life here and was both an ambassador and legend in our wonderful breed. He was a few weeks short of his 17th birthday.

More about 'Gateaux'

3/3/2003 - 11/12/2019

Nordligdrom Bombshell - AKA 'Little Astrid'. 27/1/13 - 23/3/2018

'Little Astrid' never really recovered after a difficult spay, nearly 6 months ago. She was however eating and using the litter tray and we knew no amount of further investigation and treatment would make her return to full health.

I watched her being born and used to top her up with a bottle when she was newborn, so we established a very close relationship.

I will miss her black shadow following me about the house.

Westrikatt Shannon - AKA 'Bob'. 11/5/05 - 30/12/2016

As 2016 didn't begin very well, neither did it finish that way, with the loss of Bob. We first met her as a very, little kitten of just a few weeks old and visited her regularly, until she came home with us. She had tortie spirit right from the start!

She was our original foundation queen and did she ever know it! The other cats and kittens were firmly put in their place, if a paw stepped out of line. She loved food and got fluffier and fatter as the years went by and she saw no reason to go on a diet. Bob didn't need any incentive to constantly purr and it was so loud it would wake you up at night, although I think this was just to remind you of her presence and to be cuddled and stroked.

Named by my daughter after the acronym for Best of Breed, Bob was undoubtedly a star and will be missed greatly in the Nordligdrøm household.

Nordligdrøm Astrid. 30/6/2006 - 3/2/2016

2016 didn't start very well for us, with Astrid rapidly losing weight and generally becoming unwell. In spite of treating her with steroids, the abdominal tumours quickly took over and we had to let her go. She was 9 years and 7 months old.

As a kitten from my first litter, I joyfully watched Astrid and her siblings being born. She will be remembered for her kindness and being an affectionate, attentive, proud, loving mum to her many kittens and any others that were around at the time.

We have her identical daughter 'Little Astrid' (Nordligdrøm Bombshell) and I hope she will be as good a mum, as Astrid, one day.

Nordligdrøm KitKat. 18/4/2011 - 30/9/2015

Sadly, our beautiful silver tabby KitKat, is no longer with us.

During her short life, KitKat produced 10 wonderful kittens with our stud boy, Hummie. They all have outstanding natures, they're highly spirited and very trusting and affectionate, as regularly reported by their owners.

We miss seeing here around.

Peachy Woo Miss Marigold - AKA Me-Me. 24/9/2000 - 23/9/2014

Me Me in Watlington, Sept 2014

We had Me-Me since she was just over 2 years old. The last few years were spent as an only cat with my daughter and her husband and she moved around with them, living in Leamington Spa, Birmingham, London and finally Watlington in Oxfordshire.

A talkative girl, she loved being with them and snuggling up next to them on the bed or on the back of the sofa.

We reluctantly said our goodbyes to her, 1 day short of her 14th birthday. She will be very missed.

Christmas and Jo,

We were very fond of Christmas and Jo, two rescue cats who came to live with us in 1998, when they were already quite old. Although litter brother and sister, Christmas was twice the size of Jo . They spent their days happily snoozing in the sun and passed away within weeks of each other.

Jo  Christmas Christmas and Jo Jo Christmas Christmas and Jo Christmas

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