A little about us

As a child growing up in York, Yorkshire, (in the North East of England) we had all sorts of animals in our home, but many years of my adult life were spent overseas on international postings with our national airline, making it difficult for us to have pets. It was only when we settled back in Marlow,Bucks, UK, we decided a cat would fit in with our life style and we became the proud owners of two mature and affectionate moggies, from the local cat protection society.

When we lost them both to old age, I was asked by a work colleague if I would consider re-homing a young Maine Coon they couldn’t keep, because her husband had developed an allergy to the long fur. Me-Me came to live with us, but we thought she was lonely and needed some feline company so we scoured cat books to find out more information about Maine Coons, before buying a kitten. However, we always seemed to end up looking at the Norwegian Forest Cat section and although similar to Maine Coons, there was something magical about them.

A magnificent 'Bottle Brush' plant in the garden, June 2018

A visit to a local and well experienced breeder confirmed this was the cat for us, but she didn’t have any kittens. Luckily she knew someone that did. They had one kitten left that was exactly what we wanted and we visited him regularly, until he became old enough to come and live with us.

Fabulous pansies and lavender in a garden display, June 2018

Encouraged by our breeder, we took our new kitten to his first show and he won his open class, BOB and as a young adult, soon qualified for the Supreme and we still show him today. Showing can be fun, but only if the cats enjoy it too as not all of them do and it may be better to leave them at home. It is a great way of meeting other cat minded people and there are usually lots of interesting things to buy in the show hall.

Another Norwegian Forest Cat later, we decided we would like to know what it was like to have a litter of kittens. It was one of the nicest experiences we have had, and this is how the story began.....